How to Dress Kawaii

It's easy to be a Kawaii girl, provided you have the right knowledge.

Kawaii clothing can be described as cute and wears cute accessories. This is a Japanese cultural phenomenon that has made Kawaii extremely popular.

Are you looking to learn how to be kawaii?

This article will demonstrate how.

What is Kawaii?

Kawaii can be translated as "lovable", "adorable", or "cute" and it refers to many concepts. It can be used to describe humans, animals, and inanimate objects with a childlike aesthetic.

Kawaii can be seen in Hello Kitty and other cartoon characters, as well Pikachu or other Pokemon monsters.

Harajuku Kawaii Cat Women Hoodies

Kawaii means more than "adorable" and "cute" in Japanese. Kawaii is a way of living for many people all over the world.

Many influences have influenced the kawaii style. It is influenced by anime and manga from Japan. It is also influenced by the styles seen in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.

You're most likely to have seen the kawaii scene at its best if you've spent an afternoon eating crepes with strawberries, whipped cream and other treats on Takeshita Street in Tokyo.

How to dress Kawaii

1. Styles

You can learn how to look Kawaii by looking at the most popular Japanese culture images among young women.

The two most popular Kawaii styles at the moment are decora or Lolita.

Lolita is the most well-known Japanese Kawaii fashion style.


This clothing style often exaggerates childlike looks with pastel and frill-laden colors. This style is popular with ruffled petticoats, Bo Peep collars, and chunky Mary Jane shoes.

Sweet Lolita

Kawaii culture also has the "Sweet Lolita" style. This is a variation of the traditional Lolita but with more ribbons, bows, and frills. This style is popular for its bold curled hair and light makeup.

Decora is a Kawaii design that uses jewelry and accessories to the point where it can be considered excessive in other situations.

Decora fashion

Decora Kawaii girls love to add lots of colorful hair bows and bracelets to their look.

These Kawaii cuties know how to stand out from the crowd! Do you prefer the Lolita or Decora look?

This is the first step to learning how you can be a Kawaii.

2. Tops

Are you looking to learn how to be kawaii.

You will need all the tops you can find.

Kawaii girls love hoodies with urban appeal. They also love classic T-shirts that have a nostalgic feel and are reminiscent of their childhood. Choose vivid, striking sweatshirts.

kawaii tops

Mochi Mochi Peach Cat Hoodie

You can also choose T-shirts with girlish tones.

All colors work well together, including light pink, baby blue, and pale yellow.

3. Bottoms

Being a kawaii means being girly.

Kawaii girls love to wear many different types of skirts and dresses every day. There are many options for dresses that embody the "Lolita” vibe.

Lolita-influenced skirts can be explored in the same way. Suspender skirts have become a kawaii fad. These skirts can give off a sultry, yet charming, feeling. These skirts can also show off gorgeous gams to other people.

Finding dresses suitable for kawaii can be easy. Keep an eye out for the most girly dresses. You should look for dresses that are pink, red, and purple.

You should look for dresses with lots of elements like bows, frills and lace. Imagine the dress that your childhood doll wore. You can be a kawaii if you can replicate it well.

Many of the most beautiful dresses feature floral designs. A dress with flowers all over can make it easy to look cool and kawaii. Look out for dresses with roses, sunflowers and lilies.

4. Accessory

You can look and feel like a true "kawaii" girl with all kinds of accessories. Accessories that make your hair look millionaire are a must.

Kawaii gals are known for making huge bows. Look out for large bows in traditional kawaii colors like pink. You can look more kawaii with distinctive headbands.

You should look for accessories that contain glitter, stars, and hearts if you want your hair to really pop. You could even try bunny ears!

Bunny ears

The kawaii style and fluffy bunnies go hand in hand. You should look for the most adorable hair clips available if you want to look kawaii.

Other essential accessories for kawaii don't require hair. You should invest a lot of energy in your fingernails if you want to be a kawaii.

You have so many options for kawaii manicures. A manicure can feature the cutest animals. A bunny or cat theme manicure can make a big difference. You can make your nails shine and glittery. In the kawaii world, subtle nails are not acceptable.

5. Shoes

For those who wish to be a part of the kawaii movement, footwear is a key consideration. You should explore your options for platform shoes if you want to look kawaii.

kawaii shoes

Your height can be significantly increased by having thick platforms. You can also get a kawaii vibe from them that is hard to ignore. You don't need to be afraid if you aren't able to wear platform shoes easily.

Mary Janes are a passion for many kawaii girls. The classic Mary Janes may evoke the schoolgirl vibes that are so prevalent in the kawaii world.

Shoe styling colors are also important. The more vibrant your shoes colors, the better. Shoes that remind us of the rainbow can look great with kawaii outfits.

You can also find shoes that are baby pink, pale blue or lavender. Make sure you are able to walk comfortably in the shoes you choose. If you fall and trip all the time, your kawaii look won't work.

6. Bags

You'll need the right bag to take with you if you want to be kawaii.

Although cute girls don't always carry purses, adorable backpacks with characters like Hello Kitty or Pikachu are always in fashion.

You can also choose purses that look like colorful desserts such as cookies, ice cream cones, and cupcakes. Keep in mind that the cuter the item, the better Kawaii it will look.

Kawaii accessories are also available, including colorful hair clips and bows. You can also enhance the overall look with headbands featuring cute animal or food prints.

7. Hairstyles

Your hair should be done in a way that is familiar to Kawaii Japanese culture. This fashion style is timeless if you have lots of ringlets.

Pastel-colored hair with manga and Anime characters is also very popular. There are many Kawaii hair wigs available, making it easy to customize your hairstyle to match any cute outfit.

kawaii hairstyles

Keep in mind, however, that looking kawaii means exuding youthful energy. Put bows in your hair to create a youthful vibe.

You can also try braiding or pigtail your hair. You can think back to elementary school and all the hairstyles you loved.

8. Makeup

You'll want to properly do your makeup if you want to look kawaii.

Kawaii look most important trait is to appear as innocent and cute as possible. This look is best suited for large, exaggerated eyes. Natural tones, glass skin, and glass skin are all preferred.

kawaii makeup

While you should keep your base makeup to a minimum, it is important to focus on your eyes. The kawaii style is all about bold eyes. You can achieve eyelash extensions that look sophisticated and striking. Curl your eyelashes.

High-quality mascara is also possible. Look into mascara brands that are well-known in Japan.

Kawaii eyes are more circular than other types. Dark mascara can make your eyes look larger and more feminine. Use a lot dark mascara on both your upper and lower eyelashes. Make sure you use mascara sparingly. Do not make the error of skimming.

For those who dream of being a kawaii, light lipstick is the best choice. Avoid wearing dark, dramatic lipsticks. Transparent lipglosses are better. Light pink is a good choice if you like your lips to be colored.

9. Lifestyles

Japanese Fashion Women's Oversized Summer Top Short Sleeve

You're now ready to be truly Kawaii by figuring out your clothes, accessories, and makeup.

Kawaii girls are more than just fashion. This culture requires that you change your mannerisms, voice and speech to promote the notion of being young, energetic, and cute.

Kawaii girls tend to be happy, go-lucky. They don't allow the small things to make them feel guilty. They smile a lot. They laugh a lot.

You must be a kawaii if you want to feel and be kawaii. Kawaii girls don't worry about the small things. They make the most of their situation.

You can be more feminine in the mirror if you are wearing a full costume so that you can become your Kawaii character. You will soon feel like a Kawaii.

To wrap up

All human beings are able to be kawaii. There are no exceptions. No matter how old or young you are, you can still be kawaii.

The kawaii universe does not have age restrictions. No matter your gender identity, you can be a kawaii. You can also be kawaii despite your race or ethnicity.

Kawaii embraces all humans equally. It's a warm and inviting path that is so appealing to many people.

The kawaii scene has no set rules. There are many kawaii options. Being a kawaii means being free.

You can be a kawaii-girl.

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