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Among Us Plush

Among Us Plush

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Among Us Plush is the perfect gift for your little gamer!

Obsessed with Among Us? You are not alone. There is something highly addictive about this game and oddly endearing about its strange little crew. Our Among Us Plush toy is a great way for gamers to bring that fandom into their bedrooms or streaming rooms. Or perhaps you want to get one as a gift for a fellow streamer that you wrongfully voted out during your last game? Either way, these plush cartoon characters are sure to become beloved companions.

Your new Among Us Plush Toy has an authentic Style straight out of the game.

This toy looks like it walked straight out of the game. The shape of the figure is just like the little guys on-board ship, from the oversized head and visor down to the tiny little legs. There is nice attention to detail in the shape and shading on the visor. Also, you get the two-tone effect on the suit to mimic the look of the game's graphics.

Furthermore, you can choose from a range of colors. This means that keen players can choose their favorite from the times they have played online with friends. Perhaps a specific color has been lucky for you and this cute replica Among Us stuffed toy will continue to be your lucky charm? The pink and orange are particularly effective for that two-tone look, but you can also get light blue, dark blue, red, yellow, light green, dark green, black, and white.

This soft plush Among Us Toy is a cute squishy crewmate.

The appeal of this toy continues with the softness of the materials, both inside and out. This means that you have a nice cuddly crewmate to call your own and keep you safe from imposters at night. After all, it's always safest to stay in groups when the lights go out. Also, you can be sure that these crewmates aren't imposters themselves as they aren't hiding any deadly weapons beneath all that stuffing.

There are also three different sizes of this Among Us Plushie to choose between. The smallest is an adorable 10cm toy that is the perfect little desktop companion to keep you company while you complete your own tasks. Then there is the 20cm option. This one is ideal for those that want something a bit larger but don't have the room for an oversized model. Then there is the 30cm model. This super-squishy guy is perfect to cuddle at night when all your tasks are complete.

Find your perfect crewmate or build a collection for your gaming room.

There is the chance here that your obsession with the game will lead to a desire to hire your own crew of plush Among Us figures, in all colors. Thankfully, the smallest models are affordable little treats. The largest pillow-style crewmate is still fairly priced. Whichever you choose, and wherever you plan to keep this appealing figure, you can be sure of a high-quality friend that will have your back through mundane work, long nights, and the occasional sabotage.
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